Air Motor 1AM, 0.25 kW [0.33 hp], 500-6,000 rpm

Air Motor 1AM, 0.25 kW

The 1AM air motor (vane-type) features a power of 0.25 kW [0.33 hp], speed range of 500-6,000 rpm and is commonly used in air agitators/mixers for pails with a capacity of 20 liters.

Technical Specification

Type:air-driven, 4 vanes
Power:0.25 kW [0.33 hp]
Speed Range (no load):500-6,000 rpm
Direction of Rotation:CCW (Counter ClockWise)
Torque (max.):0.63 Nm [5.6 in-lb]
Speed (@max. torque):
Torque (@max speed):0.31 Nm [2.75 in-lb]
Air Port Size:1/8″ (NPT)
Air Consumption (max.)20.5 cfm [580 lpm / 34.83 m3h]
Shaft Diameter:9.5mm
Operating Pressure (max.):7 bar [102 psi]
Operating Temperature (max.):120°C [250°F]
Housing Material:Cast iron
Weight:0.91 kg [2 lbs]
Misc.:Muffler included


Air motors can be employed in hazardous and high-temperature environments. The motor speed can be easily adjusted via air volume (regulator not included).


for agitator and mixers (low-medium viscosity). For instance, the 1AM air motor is commonly used in agitators for a capacity up to 20 liters. Other applications include conveyor systems, chemical and paper industry, foundries, smelters and mining.

Operations Manual and Download

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Air Motor Model Overview

ModelPowerSpeed RangeType
1AM 0.25 kW [0.33 hp] 500-6,000 RPMDirect Drive
2AM 0.56 kW [0.75 hp] 300-3,000 RPMDirect Drive
2AM-G 0.56 kW [0.75 hp] 15-150 RPMGeared Motor
4AM 1.12 kW [1.5 hp] 300-3,000 RPMDirect Drive
6AM 3.0 kW [4.0 hp] 300-3,000 RPMDirect Drive