Air Motor 2AM with Gearbox

Air Motor 2AM with Gearbox

Air Motor with Gearbox

Model: 2AM-G

2AM – Air Motor 2AM
G – Gearbox

Technical Data:

Design: Air motor with reduction gearbox
Motor Power: 3/4 hp (0.56 kW)
Gearbox Ratio: 1:20
Output Speed: 15-150 RPM


The 2AM air motor is reduced by a gearbox (ratio 1:20) resulting in an output speed of 15-150 RPM and higher torque. A typical application is the use as an agitator motor for industrial applications (e.g. agitator 2AM-AG60G) or also as a drive for low speed high torque lab mixers.


Gearbox Output Shaft: 16h6 with key
Gearbox Connection: 4 – M5

gearbox dimensions
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