Air Motor 4AM, 1.12kW

Air Motor (Pneumatic Motor)

The 4AM air motor has a power of 1.12kW (1.5hp), speed range of 300-3,000 rpm and is used in agitators and mixers with a capacity of up 200 liters. As the mounting (hub-style) and shaft size are identical to the smaller 2AM air motor, the 4AM air motor is very suitable for the same kind of agitator applications where a higher torque is needed due to higher viscosity of material.

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Air Motor 4AMLayout Drawing 4AM3D Drawing (.stl)

Technical Specification

Type:air-driven, 4 vanes
Power:1.12 kW [1.5 hp]
Speed Range (no load):300-3,000 rpm
Direction of Rotation:Reversible
Torque (max.):6.3 Nm [56 in-lb]
Speed (@max. torque):300 RPM
Torque (@max speed):4.1 Nm [36 in-lb]
Air Port Size:1/4″ (NPT)
Air Consumption (max.)78 cfm [2,209 lpm]
Shaft Diameter:1/2″
Operating Pressure (max.):7 bar [102 psi]
Operating Temperature (max.):120°C [250°F]
Housing Material:Cast Iron
Weight:4 kg [8.8 lbs]
Misc.:Muffler included


The 4AM air motor can be employed in hazardous and high-temperature environments. The motor speed can be easily adjusted via air volume (regulator not included).


for agitators (medium viscosity) and mixers. For instance, the 4AM air motor is commonly used in agitators for a capacity of 40-200 liters. Other applications include conveyor systems, chemical and paper industry, foundries, smelters and mining.

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