Differences between GTIPRO and GTIPRO LITE

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The latest and most advanced models of Devilbiss for automotive refinishing are the GTIPRO and GTIPRO LITE. But what are the differences between these two guns?

It can be said that the GTIPRO LITE has a complete new design and is with only 430 gram (compared to 585 gram of GTIPRO) much “liter”.

Air caps

Both guns are available with three different air caps, i.e. one HVLP and two further air caps with  high transfer efficiency (GTIPRO with Trans-Tech T1 and T2, and the GTIPRO LITE with “High Efficiency” air caps TE10 and TE20). These parts are not identical.

Nozzle/Needle Set-up

Both guns are available in the sizes of 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4mm. While the nozzle is the same type (PRO-200 series), the needle is different.


In general, beside the fluid nozzle, only the packing (SN-404) and cup (incl. filter) are identical and interchangeable. The other functional parts such as spreader valve assembly, spray head assembly and air flow valve have different designs. Especially the gun body and air valve assembly has got a completely new design.

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