Air Operated Agitators for up to 200 Litres

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Already supplying a wide range of agitators for paints, resins, chemicals and other fluids, B.S.C. Teknik now also offers air operated agitators for pressure tanks and drums of up to 200 litres. The new range of vertical 200 litre agitators with 3 kW air motor (direct drive) are suitable for low to high viscosity materials. This type completes the existing range of 10, 20, 40 and 60 litre agitators.

Low speed avoids material degradation

Speed can be adjusted in a range of 500-6,000 RPM for the smaller agitators and 300-3,000 RPM for the larger ones, incl. the new 200 litre agitator. All sizes are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 7 bar (100 psi). As an option the 200 litre agitator comes with a gear-reducer to bring the speed down to 15-150 RPM. This low speed reduces material degradation to a minimum and improves quality of the stirred material. Different agitator designs are available like manual type (colloquially also called quick mixer), pale mounted, bung, C-clamp for rim mounting or in connection with a pressure tank/pressure pot. Wide, full-width impellers (blades/propellers) in different designs provide thoroughly mixing of the material, minimizing leftover sediment at the bottom of the pressure tank or drum. Air motors from 0.25 kW to 3 kW are employed, which are also available separately.

Air operated agitators for a wide range of applications

Beside air operated, also electric and hydraulic driven agitators are available in the market. Especially in the field of paints, mainly air operated agitators are used due to safety, cost reasons and easy maintenance. Agitators are typically used in the wood industry, metal fabrication, automotive and of course painting.

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